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(22a) - Büsingen / Upper Rhine

The German quarter of Büsingen (approx. 1000 inhabitants) is completely surrounded by Swiss territory.The narrowest point is just 750 yards distance to the German mainland.There is no customs or border control from the Swiss side, as Büsingen is incorporated into the Swiss customs territory, meaning that also the official currency is the Swiss Frank, however Büsingen is political and administration-wise German. (Kreis Konstanz). The inhabitants even have their own car licence plate (starting with BUS) while the other registered cars in Constance county have "KN" (text TM, translated by BK)


Büsingen map:

observe the strange zig-zag borderline.

  Büsingen Junkerhaus: The Junker-House is the community's oldest building, there is a table attached telling the history of the area.
  Büsingen-Dörflingen On our way from Büsingen to the Swiss village of Dörflingen we pass the border-sign of Schaffhausen-county, yet there is no customs or immigration control.
    Büsingen Ostgrenze: From Büsingen to German Gailingen we drive via Swiss territory for half a mile. In the background the check-point house can be seen, although we did not exactly leave Germany, there is customs control, as German Büsingen is Swiss customs area.
  Büsingen Westgrenze leaving German Büsingen in Western direction, we enter Schaffhausen (Switzerland) city without any passport control. The zebra crossing is in Switzerland already.
  Büsingen Rathaus Everywhere in Büsingen you notice the close Swiss border: in front of the local town hall two telephone boxes are found: one of Deutsche Telekom and of Swisscom.
  Schlauch On the way from Schaffhausen to the Swiss village of Bargen the main road crosses German territory for 1,5 miles. The farm yard "Schlauch" on German ground can be reached without border control.Heading straight on you reach Swiss territory again.


(22b) - Jestetter Hals

Jestetter Hals (D):
 The small area around German Jestetten / Rhein near the Swiss Rhinewaterfall is called "Jestetten bottleneck" as this German landpeninsula reaches from the west into Swiss territory.
 The train service Schaffhausen to Zürich runs thru the village. These Swiss railway trains however pass the borough without any border or customs formalities.
(Original text TM, English translation by BK)


Jestetter Hals map (new)
A rather confusing border puzzle.
  Jestetten Bahnhof:
 Regular visitors to Switzerland notice right away: A billboard of the SwissFederal Railways
SBB . However this railway station is on German territory, yet maintained and operated by Swiss Railways, as it is on the track from Schaffhausen to Zürich. From Jestetten itself there is no train connection to (the rest of) Germany.
Passangers have to travel to Swiss town of Schaffhausen (CH) to take an international train.
 In the far east of Jestetten borough lies the farmyard 'Nohl'. Behind it, down the valley, is Swiss territory incl. the well-known Rhine waterfall.

(c) by TM (text and photos) September 2000, update July 2001

TM September 2000, translated by BK Nov. 2000

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