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(04) - 's-Heerenberg (NL) - Emmerich (D)

Dutch Bergh community borders with Germany at its Southern side. On the German side the city of Emmerich on the Rhine can be reached after 1.2 miles.

 s-Heerenberg  Former border check-point and customs control: abandoned since the Schengen Treaty.
  Closed road-restaurant and closed bureau de change; after the new border crossing at Immenhorst was opened for long distance traffic and since Schengen Treaty both are shut-down for good.
 s-Heerenberg Coming from the south (Germany) you enter Holland (and 's-Heerenberg city) via a little bridge.
    View back from the other side: the two houses on the left and right side behind the bridge are on German territory.
   The 'Grenskanaal' (="border canal") determines the frontier between Bergh en Emmerik for several miles.

BK December 2000

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